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Still Accessories & Spares
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10 food grade polyethylene washers to fit the Still Spirits air still carbon filter and fermenter li..
£3.25 Ex Tax: £3.25
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50 grams of the finest copper wool made of pure copper thread. If you fill the vapour chamber of yo..
£5.99 Ex Tax: £5.99
A pack of 10 filters for use with the EZ filter system. One should be placed at either end of the ca..
£4.20 Ex Tax: £4.20
Original Spanish paella gas burner for large paella pans. This ring burner with an impressive 60 c..
£76.00 Ex Tax: £76.00
1500 mm medium pressure gas hose to connect to gas burners and cookers. This gas hose fits to all th..
£9.50 Ex Tax: £9.50
Gas pressure regulator 30-50 mb, left-hand thread The optimal gas pressure regulator for all comme..
£20.00 Ex Tax: £20.00
Defoamer or anti-foaming agent is a significant help during distillation and mashing. In particular ..
£4.60 Ex Tax: £4.60
200 grams of still cleaner.Simply fill the chamber with 4 litres of hot water. Add 2 tablespoons of..
£6.00 Ex Tax: £6.00
Aids the start of the boil process, and ensures a smooth rolling boil that does not jump up and bloc..
£2.40 Ex Tax: £2.40
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Add 3ml or 1 capful to your wash in the still boiler before distilling. This releases carbon dioxide..
£2.40 Ex Tax: £2.40
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Mangrove Jack's Hop Spider ..
£37.40 Ex Tax: £37.40