Cheese Making Equipment

Cheese Making Equipment
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The ‘Dancing Daisy' draining spoon is used during the initial cheese making process for stirring and..
£6.00 Ex Tax: £6.00
The dancing daisy curd knife is specialised to carefully cut delicate curd without ripping when maki..
£3.06 Ex Tax: £3.06
Cylindric soft cheese mould PolypropyleneExternal diameter: 95 mmInternal diameter: 93 mmHeight 92 m..
£5.95 Ex Tax: £5.95
Mould for hard cheese weighing approx 400 gram. Dimensions (approx.): Diameter 10 cm Height 7 cm. In..
£11.95 Ex Tax: £11.95
Square plastic soft cheese mould with bottom for cheese weighing approx 250 gram. Dimensions (approx..
£6.95 Ex Tax: £6.95
Delicious fresh cheese made in your own kitchen! The Fresh Cheese Kit provides you with everythin..
£34.99 Ex Tax: £34.99
Mad Millie Italian Cheese Kit ..
£19.99 Ex Tax: £19.99
Kefir is the latest craze and is building in popularity, so jump on board! It is a delicious healthy..
£10.75 Ex Tax: £10.75
Mad Millie Top Up Cheese Kit ..
£19.99 Ex Tax: £19.99
Round cheese mould. Diam. top 14cm, bottom 12.8 cm high. 7.3 cm. Makes cheeses of 1kilo Slots..
£2.65 Ex Tax: £2.65
Round cheese mould. Diam. top 20 cm, bottom 19 cm, high. 9.7 cm. Makes cheeses of 2 kilo. Slo..
£8.85 Ex Tax: £8.85
Plastic soft cheese mould for cheese weighing apx 200 gram. Dimensions (approx.) Diameter ..
£5.95 Ex Tax: £5.95
Round cheese mould. Diam. top 9 cm ottom 8, 1 cm high. 5.2 cm. To make 250g cheese. Colo..
£1.33 Ex Tax: £1.33
Round cheese mould. Diam. top 12 cm, bottom 8.5 cm, high. 6.5 cm. Makes cheeses of 300 grams. Slot..
£1.33 Ex Tax: £1.33
Round cheese mould. Diam. top 6 cm, bottom 5.5 cm high. 4.7 cm. Makes cheeses of 50 to 100 gram..
£0.68 Ex Tax: £0.68