The Appolia collection will strike you for the uniqueness of the shapes, and variety of colours. 

This ceramic cookware collection is crafted from natural clays of very high quality and is manufactured in France. The low porosity of the material guarantees the best cooking process as well as a high thermal and mechanical shock resistance. The enamels are scratch resistant and easy to clean. The entire manufacturing process is environment friendly and safe for human health. All Appolia products comply with the toughest standards and regulations of health and safety, and do not contain lead or cadmium. The raw materials used are not polluting and a mono cooking process is used to limit the impact on the environment. Appolia is also engaged in a strategy of reducing all unnecessarily disposable packaging boxes, a good move for mother earth.

Appolia constantly offers new designs, shapes, colours and concepts. 

Appolia is the word for innovation and constant improvement of the manufacturing and a recipe for success in your cooking day after day.

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