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Beer Kits for Home Beer Making

Passionate about Homebrew? The Goodlife Homebrew shop in Norwich is one of the countries largest home brew shops in the country, and has supplies for every brewing enthusiast. Online, or shop pickup, our specialist home brew shop can supply your every need.

We are even available to ask questions and give tips on Home Beer Making. Our helpful articles can help you brew a tasty brewed beer.  Come in and see us and we will explain the differences between the different grades of beer kit and the effect this has on the final quality.

Wine Kits for Home Wine Making

As professional wine makers we are able to offer the homebrewer an excellent level of product choice, support, and advice.

Our shop in Norwich is the largest in East Anglia, and one of the largest in the UK.

We pride ourselves on having an excellent selection of beer kits and wine kits from a variety of suppliers such as - Ritchies supplies, Youngs, Belvino, Muntons, Crips, Brewmaster, Coopers, etc.

Our range of beer kits and wine kits are outstanding, at the last count we had 89 types of Beer kit and 78 types of wine kit.


We're experts at Home Wine Making and Home Beer Making, so please don't hesitate to give us a call with any questions.

If you want to have a great home wine making experience, be sure to check out the wine kits provided by The Good Life Homebrew Center.


The homebrew industry has very few wholesalers left. In fact, only 4 - Brupaks, Hambleton Bard, Ritchies, and Youngs, and we stock from them all.  Other limited wholesalers include Still Spirits (Brewcraft), and Muntons.

Beer kits that we stock include -

There are a massive number of homebrew beer kits available in the UK.  We stock almost all of them, but to save you time in making a selection here is a quick list.

Better brew, Black Rock, Brewers Choice, Brewers Spring, Brewferm, Brewmaker, Brubox beers of the world, Brupaks Mash Kits, Brupaks Pride of Yorkshire, Burton Bride, Coopers International Series, Coopers Original Series, Craftsman Ingredient Packs, Festival kits, Geordie, John Bull, Milestone, Muntons Connoisseur, Muntons Gold, Muntons Premium range, Muntons Premium Gold, Simply, St Peters beer kits, Tom Caxton, Tooheys, Woodfordes beer kits, and finally Youngs budget range.

If you want one the we don't list please give us a call on 01603 418 408 and we will see if we can get it.

Cider Kits for home brew

There are also a very wide range of home brew cider kits available.  We stock the 'On The Rocks' range, Muntons, Samsons, Finlandia, and John Bull cider.  As well as the usual apple and pear ciders, there is now also a range of fruit ciders such as Strawberry cider, Blueberry cider, Elderflower, mixed fruit, forest fruit, and the seasonal spiced cider. Home brew heaven for cider drinkers.


One of the most recent developments in the homebrew industry is the development of a variety of 1 and 5 gallon alcohol stills.

The best of these are the one gallon air still and the 5 gallon Turbo 500, both of them from Still Spirits - a New Zealnd based company. 

Combine these new stills with the fantastic range of flavours from Still Spirits, Essencia, and others and you can really start to produce some great home brewed spirits and liqueurs at home.