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This 5 piece preserving starter set contains the following items - 1 x 15cm colander1 x jam spoon1 x..
£16.20 Ex Tax: £16.20
For ease of filling preserve jars.AluminiumThis product is dishwasher safe...
£3.98 Ex Tax: £3.98
Butter Muslin - 90cm square. -Ideal for straining, steaming, preserving, and cheese maturing...
£2.94 Ex Tax: £2.94
Cheese cloth - 1.6 square meters. Ideal for straining, basting poultry, steaming fish, preserving, s..
£2.97 Ex Tax: £2.97
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Easy read jam thermometer suitable for jam, sugar and chips. The scale is from 50 to 200 degrees cel..
£2.08 Ex Tax: £2.08
A fabric straining bag with stainless steel frame and flexible legs to fit over assorted pans and bo..
£8.76 Ex Tax: £8.76
A stand with folding legs and straining bag. The straining bags are available to be purchased separa..
£11.64 Ex Tax: £11.64
Jam Straining Set complete with straining bag and stand...
£7.22 Ex Tax: £7.22
Jam/Confectionery thermometer.Stainless steel case, glass tube, waterproof construction.Easy to read..
£8.37 Ex Tax: £8.37
This Tala jelly bag is ideal for all aspects of jam and jelly production...
£2.06 Ex Tax: £2.06
An especially designed set of tongs ideal for removing hot preserve jars out of boiling water in a s..
£4.72 Ex Tax: £4.72
This Kilner branded muslin cloth is 50 x 50cm square and made of 100% cotton.Ideal for cheese making..
£3.00 Ex Tax: £3.00
The Kilner jam funnel is a quality funnel specifically designed for filling glass jars with your own..
£5.00 Ex Tax: £5.00
This Kilner funnel is a quality stainless steel funnel. The integral strainer can be easily removed ..
£5.40 Ex Tax: £5.40
The people at Kilner have specially created this wooden spoon to maximise your preserving activities..
£4.73 Ex Tax: £4.73