Premium Roasted Beans

Premium Roasted Beans
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Description The famous coffee growing region “Sul de Minas” is located in the heart of the s..
£4.51 Ex Tax: £4.51
Ideal harmony between acidity and aroma. A delicious exotic with extraordinary intensive sweetnes..
£4.51 Ex Tax: £4.51
Description Our Colombia Supremo is cultivated and harvested in the growing region of Huila ..
£4.51 Ex Tax: £4.51
DescriptionThis high-quality espresso blend Don Vito was composed using select Brazilian plantation ..
£5.51 Ex Tax: £5.51
Description Our spicy espresso “Star of Italy” is the result of a harmonic composition of be..
£4.51 Ex Tax: £4.51
Origin and Plantation This excellent Espresso blend tops off our Espresso assortment and bri..
£3.25 Ex Tax: £3.25
The growing region Sidamo is located in the south of the country at the edge of the Ethiopian Highla..
£4.93 Ex Tax: £4.93
Origin and Plantation The India monsooned Malabar is a coffee with an exceptional body and with..
£5.09 Ex Tax: £5.09
Sao Silvestre Late Harvest 250 gram..
£5.52 Ex Tax: £5.52