Fruit Teas / Tissanes

Fruit Teas / Tissanes
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The large fruity selection of berries is just delightful. In midsummer the bushes are full of dark r..
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Queen for a day! Or forever? Great combination of various flavour notes: the strong, fruity cherr..
£2.49 Ex Tax: £2.49
This wonderful tea has all of the flavour of a georgous chocolate flake. Apple pieces, Marshmallo..
£2.18 Ex Tax: £2.18
This red fruit tea blend has a pleasant, not too strong acidity, which interacts very well with t..
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The red vineyard peach, historically also known as "Persian Apple", which had almost vanished in ..
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An eye-catching blend of dates, pears and cranberries forms the low-in-acid base of this fruit te..
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When the first bees start to conquer our gardens, when the days slowly become longer and nature a..
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Selected fruits from nature have been composed to a colorful mixture which is symbolic of everyth..
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This select blend of various berries, enriched with many red fruits is rounded by the flavor of t..
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A true queen among the fruit tea blends. Noble, simple and elegant! On warm summer days we recomm..
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An intense berry experience! This version of our delicious berry blend will surprise you with dif..
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Who does not remember grandma and grandpa's colourful, tempting garden? The large rhubarb leaves ..
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Fruit TeaArabian Magic - 100 gramsOur select berries are no longer a secret! So there is no need to ..
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