Selection - Red

Selection - Red
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This popular blend combines the plump, fruity, earlier ageing Merlot grape with the robust Cabernet ..
£69.95 Ex Tax: £69.95
30 gummed labels specificallycreated for the Selection Estate Luna Rossa kit.Add a quality shrink wr..
£3.50 Ex Tax: £3.50
Powerful fruit and spice flavour, with mellow tannins for a supple finish. Deserves ageing, but will..
£77.95 Ex Tax: £77.95
Direct from the vineyards of southern France, this classic varietal is rich with ripe fruit and berr..
£71.50 Ex Tax: £71.50
Spains finest red wine blend from the famous northern Spanish region. Tends toward the traditional F..
£71.50 Ex Tax: £71.50
Delicate and balanced like a Pinot noir, with the hardiness and robust colour of Cinsault. Deep inte..
£87.95 Ex Tax: £87.95
Large and robust, this style is the one that lovers of big wines are looking for. Made famous in Ita..
£79.95 Ex Tax: £79.95
Bold, robust and intense: Winexperts Big Red is the largest, most full-bodied red wine ever released..
£84.95 Ex Tax: £84.95
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The varietal responsible for classic red burgundy. The scent, flavour, body and texture of Pinot Noi..
£81.95 Ex Tax: £81.95
The bold, individualistic style of Australias winemakers has unleashed the full potential behind the..
£85.95 Ex Tax: £85.95
Full-bodied, yet soft and quick to mature, this is the perennially popular French red wine blend tha..
£76.95 Ex Tax: £76.95
Selection Eclipse Wine Kit - Washington Columbia Valley Riesling Crisp, delicate and fresh with f..
£124.10 Ex Tax: £124.10